NEWS & EVENTS 2014-2016

Bake bakery

On April 22, 2014 the RM1 at Bake ran 30 consecutive roasts of 2.4 kg in one shift. RM1-CT at Artis Coffee.

Early May 2014 the first RM1-CT was installed at Artis Coffee Inc. in Berkeley, California.

Peter’s Coffee in Bangkok installs a RM1 in April 2015

Artis coffee Bangkok

Artis Coffe Bangkok takes delivery of one RM1 and one RM1-CT in February 2015


Roast-Master appoints Palino Enterprises as distributor for Australia and New Zealand in November 2014.

Preferito coffee

Roast-Master appoints Preferito as distributor for Scandinavia in September 2014.

September 2015 – Söderbergs Bageri installs a RM 1 Roaster in its bakery in South Stockholm.

October 2016. Coppercrown co.Ltd are appointed as distributors for Thailand.
The FAB 1.2 Roaster at Coppercrown’s show room

November 2016. Roast-Master appoints Yiu Lung Food & Beverage Development Ltd. s
representative for Macau and Eastern China

Live roasting at the 2016 Taiwan International Coffee Show

Roast-Master introduces floor
stand and acrylic hood options
for the FAB 1.2 roaster at the 2016
Taiwan International Coffee Show