The beans are loaded into the stationary glass tube roasting chamber. A speed controlled side channel blower creates the required airflow. We use an industrial grade electrical heater to generate the heat. The heater output is controlled by measuring the inlet air temperature and by keeping it at the selected set point.

A second temperature sensor in the roast chamber precisely measures the actual bean temperature. By choosing supply air temperature, bean temperature and blower speed you can build your own custom designed roast profiles, or you can use andy of the pre-installed recipes.

The roast is finished when the beans reach the chosen temperature. You have the choice to cool down the beans with the blower and cold air only, or to also
spray water to stop the exothermic process and prevent any overshoot. The water spray doubles as fire prevention and activates if there is a fire in the roast chamber. These precautions allow you to go to very dark roasts.

The exhaust air goes to a cyclone there the chaff is separated and collected in an airtight compartment. The exhaust air is not recycled to avoid smoke and to create a cleaner roast.

The roaster is controlled by an industrial grade PLC and use heavy-duty components and instrumentation to ensure safety, reliability and consistent and repeatable results. The only moving part during the roasting process is the blower impeller.

The roasting chamber is made of Borosilicate glass and the rest of the air system is made of stainless steel to conform to any local health regulations.