Product introduction.

The Roast-Master fluid bed shop roasters bring a whole new dimension to roasting
equipment.It’s a versatile tool for the master roaster to develop unique roast profiles.
It’s also an automated 
tool for any shop attendants to achieve consistent quality

A fluid bed roaster has a number of benefits over a drum roaster for shop roasting.
It’s easier to automate and  to get a consistent result by any operator.

It has a faster roast cycle by having a more efficient heat transfer to the beans.
With our roast chamber made of glass, the customer sees the whole roast process.

 The fluid bed roaster with its precision control can also be used for other applications such as
cacao and nuts.

The founders of Roast Master have a long experience in designing high tech
manufacturing equipment for a range of industrial applications.

By teaming up with ADM in Taiwan and gaining access to their manufacturing know
how we bring a roaster designed for optimum roast quality, productivity,  safety,
ease of use, minimized environmental  impact and many 
years of trouble free operation.


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